Mission Statement.


Our mission is to empower and equip Christian ministers in West Africa, igniting a fire within their hearts to boldly proclaim the Gospel. We are a supportive network, standing shoulder to shoulder with these ministers as they navigate the challenges of their sacred calling. 

Through our membership Website and Mobile App, we provide an invaluable lifeline of accountability, teaching, and training, ensuring that they are continually growing in their knowledge and understanding of God's word. 

Our coaching and community platforms foster deep connections, creating a safe space for ministers to share their triumphs and struggles, and uplifting one another in prayer and encouragement. Together, we are sowing the seeds of church planting, nurturing vibrant communities of faith that transform lives and communities. With unwavering dedication, we are bridging the gap, connecting ministers with opportunities to expand their horizons and impact.

 At Apostolic Prophetic Training, we are more than a network – we are a family, passionately committed to uplift and support one another in this divine mission.

 Join us, and together, let's unleash the power of God's grace and love across West Africa!