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Step into a world of spiritual growth and enlightenment with aptm – a revolutionary membership website designed to be a beacon of support for young Christians embarking on their journey to start a ministry. The aptm community shines as a heavenly toolkit, complete with Video Training courses, enriching Coaching sessions, a dynamic Community designed for fellowship and expansive knowledge encapsulated in numerous E-books. This all-encompassing haven isn't just a platform; it is a movement for change and growth that underscores the very essence of Christian living - faith, communion, and devotion.

Every facet of aptm is crafted with the aim of fostering your spiritual growth.

  • The video courses are imbued with illuminating insights and practical advice that will arm you with the theological and ministerial understanding you need.
  • The coaching sessions, delivered by seasoned veterans, are designed to mentor and Mold you into a powerful vessel of the word of God.
  • The community – it's not just a group of individuals, it's an assembly of like-minded believers who are walking the same path and can provide comfort and guidance during challenging times.
  • Stepping beyond the digital sphere, APT.N also offers live training through Zoom meetings, ensuring the utmost convenience combined with interactive learning.
  • Accountability app.
  • What's more, the eclectic range of E-Books available for download are brimming with wisdom, ready to be unlocked at the tap of a screen.

With an easy monthly subscription, all this wealth of knowledge can be yours. 

Welcome to aptm, your partner in your journey of faith.